I can’t wait..
Yes i am desperate..
I am cranky..
I think opportunity’s are late…
Someone told me..
‘ for the success’
I have to wait..
Until it comes…
Until the very date..
But i am desperate..
Life can be ornate..
Live at every moment..
Grief can be won by laughing..
Success can be await..
Then why i am so desperate..
Maybe i want to live tomorrow..
don’t want to live in today ‘s date..
Thats the reason i can’t explain..
Cause i am confused..
About at such a success rate..
I can’t look behind..
And think about only straight..
I can’t wait..
I am desperate..
Maybe one day..
I will succeed..
Then the memories will fall short..
And i will curse the fate..
So let’s talk today..
I think i should ask u all..
What should i love..
what should i hate..
I can’t wait..
Yes i am desperate…


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